Types of Fish to Catch in Florida

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Did you know there are more than 2,200 miles of tidal shoreline in Florida? With so many fishing opportunities available, beach, backcountry, or offshore, there’s no wonder why it’s a favorite activity of both locals and visitors.

Types of Fish in Florida

Saltwater fishing in Florida is every bit as exciting as it sounds. Here are some of the many types of fish you can catch:

1. Tarpon

As one of the most highly sought after sportfish, many refer to the tarpon as the “silver king of sportfishing.” Not only is it one of the state’s most popular fish, but its fighting ability is second to none.

2. Sailfish

As Florida’s official state saltwater fish, the sailfish can be found in both subtropical and tropical waters. Known far and wide for its “jumping” ability, there’s nothing better than getting a big sailfish on the line.

3. Spotted Sea Trout

Commonly found in estuaries and bays, spotted sea trout feed primarily on small baitfish and shrimp in shallow waters. Also known as the speckled trout, it’s a popular sportfish in most parts of Florida.

4. Grouper

There are many species of grouper, with the red grouper and black grouper among the most popular with fisherman. Not only are grouper fun to catch, but these species also make for good eating.

5. Mackerel

Both the king mackerel and Spanish mackerel can be found in the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Gulf of Mexico. This species is popular among recreational anglers, as well as tournament fishermen.

6. Snapper

Fishing for snappers is a bit different than many species since they’re typically found in 60+ feet of water. The red snapper is the most common species, and it’s also one of the top fish found in the water off the coasts of Florida.

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